Bee Goes To Bed Alone

Japanese parents share a bed with their children.
My eldest daughter, Pon, goes to bed alone since she is already a teenager.
Bee had never slept alone and she usually went to bed with me hand in hand.

When On-chang, a Taiwanese girl, left our house to move
to a graduate dormitory, Bee declared that she would sleep alone
in her own room, which On-chang had used.

I thought that I would miss Bee but it was very pleasant.
I could read, write my blog, prepare lunch boxes and so on
when she slept by herself.

How comfortable this Western lifestyle was!

When Bee asked me what I thought about going to bed,
I replied both ways were good.

"Mom, which is better?
Me going to bed alone?
Or with you?
I don't mind which you choose."

"I think either is good, Bee."

Then Bee went very depressed.

"Mom doesn't love me anymore!"

"Oh! Honey, I love you so much!
I'd really love if you go to bed with me as usual!" I said.

My original Japanese entry.

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