Spring Has Come?

"I'm bored of these cold days.
I hope spring will come soon!"

I said on way to school with Bee.

She contradicted me by saying, 

"No, Mom.
It's March so it's already spring now."

I explained,
"Yeah, yeah.I know it says March on the calender
but it's cold everyday.
Spring has not come yet."

She insisted, "No, since March, April and May are in spring,
so it's spring."


What should I tell her?

When the weather grows warm and when 'Haru-Ichiban',
a strong sprig wind, comes, we recognize that winter has ended  in Japan.

I strongly hope spring will come soon!

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to zmyers, Boxman and michael.emad3 for correcting my English.


The Expert Player

Bee was playing on my iPhone.

She absorbed by the solitaire application.

"Mom! I did it! Look!
I'm an expert card game player."

She came to show me the screen with a delightful smile.

I grinned and made a tweet on Twitter because I thought it was funny.

The screen said she spent fifteen minutes completing the game.

The game only takes me two minutes.

One of my internet friends replied, stating
"So your daughter can enjoy the game
seven and a half times more than you."

My grin disappeared.

Children can enjoy games better than grownups.
They are expert players.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to ishidableach and Jared for correcting my English.