Wry Smile

I was getting ready to go to work on one busy morning.

Bee suddenly called out to me, "Mom, " and then looked toward me
from her swivel chair, "Look! It's a wry smile!"

I broke into laughter. ゚∀゚)・∵.

She must have learned "a wry smile" from the Nintendo game, 
"Animal Crossing" and wanted to try it.

In Japanese, a wry smile is 苦笑い, nigawarai.



My youngest daughter, Bee, is six years old.

One evening, she suddenly said,

"Mom, when I grow up and if I don't have any idea
what I should be, I will be a dog or a cat."

"What?" I was so surprised.

When my eldest daughter and I were children,
we had more realistic dreams.

When Pon was six, she was anxious that she would fail to
get a license for teaching in a kindergarden.

Dogs and cats are smaller than people, of course.

Bee doesn't understand the concept of growing up.

Thanks to jeltzz, leypb and crescendas for correcting my English.



We have a dog called Cocoa.
Cocoa is a very good dog.

She loves people and is very calm and cute.

My six-year-old daughter, Bee, made her hug a dog's toy and put
cellophane paper on her, but Cocoa didn't get angry.

When Bee wrapped her neck with surplus cloth,
she stayed still calm.

And when Bee put some crafting cotton on her head,
she only sat there with a meditative look on her face.

She is such a good girl.

Thanks to agashhi and hapybrian for correcting my English.



One day, my daughters and I went shopping by metro.

We each took our tablets out from our bags.

My eldest daughter's was a Play Station vita, my youngest daughter's
was a Nintendo 3DS and mine was a Kindle.
 We're a digital family.

What tablet do you use most?


Morning Pancakes

One morning, I made pancakes for breakfast.

I prepared chocolate syrup, chocolate blocks, honey,
and, also some fruit.

My daughters ate well.

In particular Bee, who asked for another pancake,

and, pressing her cheek against it, said,

"Oh, it's warm. If I were very small, 
I could lay myself down on it."

"Wow, I would be so confused if she were," I thought.

Thanks to len for correcting my English.



I made many bentos last spring.

This was for Bee.

When I put it on my Twitter,
the author of this character, Mame-shiba,
sent me a tweet.

I was so glad he said it was cute!


This shows 'Hello Kitty', of course.

I had loved 'Hello Kitty' ever since I was young
so I'm so happy that Bee also loves her.

The last picture is for Pon.

She already doesn't like Kyara-ben 
because she think they are childish.

I enjoy making Kyara-ben so it makes me sad.

Thanks to Hikari Sasaki and kizmoz for correcting my English.


I got my yowayowa camera child.

I took weird photos like yowayowa camera woman diary.

I'm so happy.
The tip is shooting under the sunlight
because you can get a higher shutter speed.

Look at the first photos.
This is my daughter, Bee.

The second photos are taken by Hayashi Natsumi, my heroine.

After reading my blog, my father lent a new sony camera to me.
It can fix the shutter speed.
I'll try it again in my house next Sunday.

Thanks to slufay on Lang-8 for correcting my English.


Sleepy Morning

This morning my six-year-old daughter got up
without my help and said, "Good morning."

I handed her an onigiri and continued
to prepare the breakfast for the rest of the family.

I wondered why it was so quiet and called her.

She was sleeping again holding the onigiri.

Thanks to カリン on Lang-8 for correcting my English.


Japanese Snaggle

We have Snaggle in Japan too, but it's called FaFa.

I like fabric softeners and I used to add Downy Spring and Renewal
when washing laundry.

Recently I bought FaFa trip series.

They provide Tahiti, Russia, Dubai and Finland.

Last spring, they included Japan.

Even though I use Finland now and enjoy it,
I want to use Japan.

 I heard that Japan FaFa smells like cherry blossoms.

Japanese people love cherry blossoms the best and it brings a mood of spring.

I'm tired of winter weather.