I Love You, Onee-chan!

My daughters quarrel constantly.

My youngest daughter, a four-year-old girl,
has called her big sister,
"Onee-chan" since last April "Nehne" like she used to.

She often sais things like, "I hate you, Onee-chan!"
for a silly reason.
After they fought for the Duffty bear,
my youngest daughter said, 
"Now I hate you so much, Onee-chan!"

Then my oldest daughter replied, "Oh, I'm glad to hear that.
It makes me happy that you hate me."
Hearing her reply, my youngest daughter felt lonely.

She said, "Oh! I love you so much, Onee-chan!"
But I thought it was strange that she changed her mind
so easily into a quite opposite emotion.

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Haley, エリース, Kiwi and Ashley for correcting my English.