Bee, The Tyrant

Bee, my youngest daughter,
is four years old and she is a real tyrant at my house.

For example, when I told her,
"Bee, wake up, I'm going to work soon,"
she suddenly asked me with her eyes still  closed.

"Mom, what did you dream about last night?"

I thought, "Huh?" but I made an effort to remember my dream.
"Ummm... I dreamed that there were two of my friends,
their husbands and me, and we were talking about something.
It might have been a home party somewhere."

Then she asked again, "And? And what was it?"
with strange anger.
Her eyes were still closed.

I didn't understand what she wanted to know,
so I asked her instead of answering.
"What sort of dream did you have, Bee?"

Eventually, she replied with her eyes wide opened,

What is this???
I often don't understand my girl.

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Corey for correcting my English.


Funny Faces

My oldest daughter, Pon, has thick eyebrows.
So she sometimes needs them trimmed and shaped.
My youngest daughter, Bee, comes to watch
us when I'm trimming them.

"Oh! I want my eyebrows cut too!"
Her face makes us laugh.

And look at Bee on the last picture.

I wonder why she makes such funny faces
when she eats an ear of corn.
Doesn't it look brutal?

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Ashley for correcting my English.


The Face Really Makes Me Laugh

I usually brush Bee's teeth before going to sleep.
Getting her mouth open is very difficult.

"OK, open your mouth wide!"

I encouraged her by telling her,
"Good! I would be so thankful if you usually open your mouth like this."
My encouragement might have been too much.

She pulled her lips up apart, forming a brutal-looking face.
It was so funny!

My original Japanese entry

 Thanks to Johnpan and Alex for correcting my English.