Cocoa and My Husband

Our dog is called Cocoa.

In the holiday morning,
my husband laid out his Japanese bedding on the living room floor.

Cocoa tried to take a nap next to him too,
but his snoring was a little annoying.

I took a photo because her distress look was funny.

After a while, a drowsy feeling came over her and she closed her eyes.

Since her face looked like a child's, I thought it was funny, too.

When she got up, she brought her favorite toy to play by him.
She played with the toy, growling for some time and left it on his head.

He didn't notice it.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to serendipity and スープガール for correcting my English.


Mr. Thunderbolt 雷様

On the way home from the nursery
I heard a thunder, so I told my daughter,

"When you were three years old you said
you hated thunder
because it might steal your bellybutton."

She laughed and said, "Really? Did I?"
I asked, "Do you still hate thunder?"

She replied with an angry look, "Sure!
Because it's the end if he steals your bellybutton.
Even though it's only once, it's final."

It was funny that she was so serious
even though it was only an ancient legend.

(In Japan, we personify thunder.
My grandmother used to tell me not to show my navel
when I took a nap or Mr. Thunder might steal it.
I think it must have been so young children
would not catch a cold while sleeping.)

Thanks to idratherbesleeping for correcting my English.


Those Are The Days

We went to Miyazaki, a southern prefecture in Japan.

On the last day of the trip, we visited an amusement park for
children, Kodomono Kuni, since it was on the way to the airport.

Before we went to in, my eldest daughter was so excited.

But she was disappointed by the park because
she felt it was too childish for her.

She asked me, "It's different than what I imagined.
Is it OK I'm here? Is it OK that a middle school girl is here?"

I replied, "Sure! Where do you want to go?
If you don't like any of the rides, shall we go 'park golf'?
Why don't we go back to the raffle?
You can go anywhere. I'll take you there."

"Well, " she requested, "I want to go back to
my elementary school days. I'd love to."

I answered, "I'm sorry I can't take you there."

She has missed her elementary school days.

It was a heartbreak for me, too.

I hope she familiars with her middle school
and makes many new friends.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to porksoda for correcting my English.


I'm Not Your Mom.

I'm not your Mom!

Additionally, I'm a boy.
Don't follow me!!


Happiness in Your Heart 幸せは心のなかに

One of my friends said on his Facebook,
"Remember: someone is happy with less than you have."

I agree with him.
You have happiness in your heart I think.

Have a beautiful weekend!