When The Time Comes

The autumn has come in Japan.

Although the wind was really cool,
my oldest daughter was going to school
with clothes like it was summer.
I told her, "They said the temperature will rise
only 21 degrees Celsius,
so you'd better wear something warmer."

Then she replied, "It's OK.
When the time comes, I'll take
a long sleeved sweat shirt out from my bag."

"I see. But is it OK to take such a big doll
in your hand to school?"
She cherished a Duffy bear of Tokyo Disney Sea.

Then she replied, "It's OK.
When the time comes, I'll attach it
on my backpack with a chain. It's a key ring."

My oldest daughter is only eleven years old
but she has a lot of "When the time comes".

My original Japanese entry

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Lovely Smile

I do medical examinations for one month baby
every Thursday in my hospital.

I ordinarily ask routine questions like ,
"Is your baby surprised when she hears something?"

I ask this so that I know the baby's hearing ability.
The baby's mother answered, "Yes, she is."

"Does she frown at a glaring light?"
This question is to know the baby's vision ability.
"Yes, she does."

"Well, dose she smile by herself?", I asked.

This question is important because
I can get information about the nerves.

The mother answered, "Yeeees, her smile is so lovely!"

I had never heard such a lovely reply since I became a pediatrician.

I hadn't paid any attention as to whether a baby's smile
was lovely or not because it was a method
for doctors to determine a nervous disorder or a disease.

My smile must have been lovely at that time although I said nothing.

My original Japanese entry

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My Bluetooth Headset

I bought a new headset.
It is exciting that your neck is free
since it doesn't have any cords hanging
from your ears to your iPod.

I showed it off to my husband
and explained what an exquisite product I got.

Then my youngest daughter (5yo) saw it
and said, "Mom! It looks good on you!
It makes you look so cute!!"
She praised me to the skies.

I was a little embarrassed and said,
"Thanks honey."
I thought she was too young to understand
that the white one hanging from
my ears were earphones.
She must have thought it was
an accessary or something.
I felt her deep love.

My original Japanese entry


After that I bought the other one,
and I recommend you this bluetooth head set.


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I'm So Smart

One night, my husband asked me
if I would like to share a can of beer with him.
Since he was having a health examination
at his company, he didn't want to drink much.
My youngest daughter heard him and
she said that she would bring the beer to us.

Though she couldn't reach the refrigerator shelf,
she used a stool and managed to get it.

We thought that she wanted to show us
how smart she was.

As soon as she came back,
she shook the can well.

Smiling she said, "Go ahead."

She might have mistaken the canned beer
for the canned cocoa which was what my husband
used to buy her on the way home from nursery.

It was difficult to explain to a five years old
why it isn't necessary to shake beer.

My original Japanese entry

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Oh, my!

One day, in my office, a patient's mother asked me,
"Is it normal for a mole to appear after birth?"
She pointed to her baby's head.
While answering,
"It is more natural that a mole appears during one's life,"
I noticed something strange.

I said to the mother, "See."
It wasn't a real mole but a dust smear that she pointed to
 because I could take it away.

"Ha ha ha! Oh, my! How embarrassing!"
laughing loudly, she pushed me.
However, it was I who wanted to say, "Oh,my!"

My original Japanese entry

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She Is So Sociable

When my youngest daughter woke up,
I apologized what I said to her the previous night.

"I'm sorry that I said too much to you at midnight."

She replied, 
"I'm sorry, too, Mom. I was a bad girl."

I said, "Not at all. I know that you didn't mean it, "
and I held her hands.

... By the way,
I wonder if she  remembers what she did.
I asked her, "You called youself a bad girl,
but do you remember what you did at midnight?"

She answered smiling, "No, I don't."

Even though she wasn't sure what she did,
she apologized to me after she looked at my sad face.

She wet the bed last night.


My original Japanese entry

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