My New Golf Set

I have been learning to play golf for two years.
My oldest daughter has learned it
for three whole years in the same golf school.
One day, our golf teacher took us to a golf cours
because we hardly have the chance to go there.

Since I have a bad habit of putting things off
until just before deadlines, the golf set I ordered
online shop was delivered the day before our round.

I was so happy to open the box,
but my family grabbed my brand-new golf clubs
one by one and started to play with them.

I hadn't even opened their vinyl cover yet!

After that, my husband taught my oldest daughter
how to swing a golf club, though he had never gone
to the round and she had had golf tour twice.

And my youngest daughter was uttering a magic spell,
since she didn't know what the long stick was.

I thought to myself, "It must be a mess in English."

Golf is FUN !