When I was making myself up in front of the mirror,
Bee also brought her toy make-up set next to me.

Then she began to use it but her method was very unique.

She smeared her dimples with pink powder,
put purple and pink powder on her eyebrows
rather than on her eye lids.

She doesn't like to put lipsticks on her lips
so instead she put it on her nails.

Generally, women make themselves up to feel good.

I thought she didn't loose the principle.

Thanks to ArUichigo and FarClimb for correcting my English.


Who's Fault?

Bee was dressing

with her mouth opened.

I said, "Bee, did you know your mouth is open?"

Even after that, she stopped dressing and just sat,

with her mouth opened.

I asked her again,
"Bee, why don't you put your pants on first?"

Then she replied

with impatience,
"It's not my fault!
The TV program is too fun!"

... What could I tell her? (´・ω・`)

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to FarClimb for correcting my English.


Don't Die, Mom.

My daughter and I met Nono and her mother
(and her baby sister) on the way from nursery.

Nono's mother, Kano, told me,
"Nono loves me so much that she said,
'I want be with you, Mom, and I don't marry with anyone.'
Recently, she asked me not to die with tears in her eyes."

Kano asked me if my daughter said similar things.

A four or five-year-old child surely begins
to be conscious of life and death.

I told her, "Speaking of my daughter's case..."

"Dad, is the eldest so he will most likely be the first to die.
Next, it will be Mom, I think.
Pon will follow her.
I must be the last,"
she said, without any tears, even cheerfully.

She asked me, "When will you die,Mom?"

I replied with a laugh, "I don't know!"

I know she doesn't want her family to die,
but is she so cool?

I think it's kind of happy if we meet our end
in the sequence of our age.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Gou, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.



Hey, lobsters!

You have enough weapons.

Don't you know that you already have two pincers.


I'm Not So Angry.

As mothers are known to scold their children, I am the same.

"Take your socks and put them in the washing machine."

"Bee, bring your socks to the washing machine."

Even though I asked her so many times,
I still found her socks on the floor.

"Bee! I asked you to take your socks and
put them in the washing machine, but you haven't."

She apologized meekly and said,
"Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I'm a useless child."

It was overdone.

I didn't bear a baby to make her useful.
I couldn't be angry with her.
I only wish for her to do something by herself.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Big AI and Hien for correcting my English.


Chara-ben, Jackie Bear

Bee went on a trip that day.
I made a lunch for her.

It is called chara-ben, having characters
or flowers or something fun.

She recently read a book about a cute bear,
Jackie, so I did my best for making Jackie.

On the way home, she said to me that she enjoyed her lunch.

Do you like it?


Today's Heart

I found these hearts on someone's Twitopic.

Have a beautiful weekend!



Blame Me, If You Want.

I took my daughters to visit my parents' house last weekend.

They bought a whole cake to celebrate my eldest daughter's
passing her entrance examination.

My eldest daughter chose a piece of cake first
then my youngest daughter chose the biggest piece.

A few moments later, my mother gave us some slices of melon
and my daughters took two slices each.

It was winter, so the melon was probably expensive.

My father said, "I can eat something rare
because my grand daughters have come."

My mother also offered delicious osenbei
(Japanese rice crackers) to my daughters.

Finally, I complained,
"Mom, thank you for the good treats
but my daughters will be stuffed before dinner.
You've given them too much."

Then Bee insisted, "It was me who wanted to eat!"

Looking at her, I was surprised and felt funny.

She continued to protect her grandmother,
"It was me who ate the treats!"

At last, we burst into laughter.

My mother was so glad to hear that.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to エリース and Hien for correcting my English.


Archaic Smile

One morning, Bee was having breakfast.
It was seven thirty, which was very early for her.

Since she had just gotten up, she had bed hair.

"Good morning, Bee," I asked,
"Do you like the chocolate doughnut I bought yesterday?"

She replied with a blank expression.

Gradually, as she started to smile silently,
I understood that she liked it.

I suddenly remembered the term 'archaic smile'
which I learned when I was a middle school student.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to SJ, Hien and FarClimb for correcting my English.


You Will Be A Cow.

"Oh! I'm stuffed," Pon said.
Recently, she eats more than I do
because she is in a growth period.
I don't mind that she is a big eater but...

She often lies herself down on the floor after dinner.

Since it is not a good behavior in Japan,
I said to her, "Pon, don't lie down after a meal,
or you will become a cow."

My grand mother and my mother used to say this
when I was young but it was new for Bee to hear.

Bee was surprised and giggled, saying, "Ushi-shi-shi-shi!"
As you know, 'ushi' means 'a cow' in Japanese.
It might be Bee who becomes a cow rather than Pon.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to hetajan and nikki for correcting my English.


The Bremen Town Musicians

This video is a favorite among my daughters and I.
We say, "Ko-ke-ke," when we want to make fun of something.

赤ずきん Little Red Riding Hood: あんた達、なに? What are you?
音楽隊 the musicians: 僕達は、ブレーメンの音楽隊!コケ! We're the Bremen Town Musicians! Ko-ke!
赤:ニワトリ、見切れてるけど。 The chicken is framed out.
音:しょうがないです。だって僕達は、ブレーメンの音楽隊ですから!コケ! It's hopeless! Since, we're the Bremen Town Musicians! Ko-ke!

赤:音楽隊って言うからには、何か音楽はできるの? Well since you way you're the musicians, can you play us something?
音:あー、うー、まあ。 Ah... Umm... Year.

赤:パンクとか? Like Punk?
犬dog:ふっふっふ。 Ha-ha-ha.

赤:ラップとか? Like Rap?

鶏chicken:こっけっけっけ。 Ko-ke-ke-ke.

赤:何笑ってるの?気持ち悪い。じゃあ、なんの音楽ができるのよ? Why are you laughing? It's creepy! Then, what kind of music can you play?
ロバdonkey:せいぜい、せーので鳴くくらい? We roar together at best, you know?

赤:音楽隊なのに? Even though, you're the musicians?
音:だって僕達、家畜ですから!コケ! Since, we're farm animals! Ko-ke!

赤:いっそ、潔いわね。 Hopefully you can lose with grace.

Thanks to s0apgun for correcting my English.


The Mime

Every morning, I worry about Pon
being late for school.
Even though I always prepare her breakfast;
onigiri (rice balls), cheese toast or sandwiches,
she still doesn't  have time to eat them all.

Once, she said to me, "See you later,"
I put a half-eaten onigiri in her mouth.

"Take another bite! Or you can't keep your energy up,"
I said running after her to the door.
She pulled a sour face.

"Mom, I had a tough time this morning,"
she complained to me after school,
"Since you stuffed an onigiri into my mouth,
I couldn't talk on the way to school."

She explained how she had to talk to
her friend with only her hands like a mime.
She blamed me for it.
What do you think?
I think I'm innocent.

Thanks to ethoy, Ashley, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.