You Will Be A Cow.

"Oh! I'm stuffed," Pon said.
Recently, she eats more than I do
because she is in a growth period.
I don't mind that she is a big eater but...

She often lies herself down on the floor after dinner.

Since it is not a good behavior in Japan,
I said to her, "Pon, don't lie down after a meal,
or you will become a cow."

My grand mother and my mother used to say this
when I was young but it was new for Bee to hear.

Bee was surprised and giggled, saying, "Ushi-shi-shi-shi!"
As you know, 'ushi' means 'a cow' in Japanese.
It might be Bee who becomes a cow rather than Pon.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to hetajan and nikki for correcting my English.

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