The Bremen Town Musicians

This video is a favorite among my daughters and I.
We say, "Ko-ke-ke," when we want to make fun of something.

赤ずきん Little Red Riding Hood: あんた達、なに? What are you?
音楽隊 the musicians: 僕達は、ブレーメンの音楽隊!コケ! We're the Bremen Town Musicians! Ko-ke!
赤:ニワトリ、見切れてるけど。 The chicken is framed out.
音:しょうがないです。だって僕達は、ブレーメンの音楽隊ですから!コケ! It's hopeless! Since, we're the Bremen Town Musicians! Ko-ke!

赤:音楽隊って言うからには、何か音楽はできるの? Well since you way you're the musicians, can you play us something?
音:あー、うー、まあ。 Ah... Umm... Year.

赤:パンクとか? Like Punk?
犬dog:ふっふっふ。 Ha-ha-ha.

赤:ラップとか? Like Rap?

鶏chicken:こっけっけっけ。 Ko-ke-ke-ke.

赤:何笑ってるの?気持ち悪い。じゃあ、なんの音楽ができるのよ? Why are you laughing? It's creepy! Then, what kind of music can you play?
ロバdonkey:せいぜい、せーので鳴くくらい? We roar together at best, you know?

赤:音楽隊なのに? Even though, you're the musicians?
音:だって僕達、家畜ですから!コケ! Since, we're farm animals! Ko-ke!

赤:いっそ、潔いわね。 Hopefully you can lose with grace.

Thanks to s0apgun for correcting my English.

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