Don't Die, Mom.

My daughter and I met Nono and her mother
(and her baby sister) on the way from nursery.

Nono's mother, Kano, told me,
"Nono loves me so much that she said,
'I want be with you, Mom, and I don't marry with anyone.'
Recently, she asked me not to die with tears in her eyes."

Kano asked me if my daughter said similar things.

A four or five-year-old child surely begins
to be conscious of life and death.

I told her, "Speaking of my daughter's case..."

"Dad, is the eldest so he will most likely be the first to die.
Next, it will be Mom, I think.
Pon will follow her.
I must be the last,"
she said, without any tears, even cheerfully.

She asked me, "When will you die,Mom?"

I replied with a laugh, "I don't know!"

I know she doesn't want her family to die,
but is she so cool?

I think it's kind of happy if we meet our end
in the sequence of our age.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Gou, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.

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