My Daughter Is Good At Playing The Piano

"Mom! Look at me!" Bee said.
"I can play the piano with my eyes close."

"Mom, look!
Look at me!"

She was very enthusiastic.
"I'm playing the piano blind!"

I thought it was funny that she was clenching her teeth.

My original Japanese entry.


Who Is The Kindest Girl?

"What are these?"

On-chan, a Taiwanese college student staying in my house,
asked me, picking the half-bitten cookies up.

"Uh, Pon left them for me because those cookies are so yummy.

She always shares something good and never keeps all to herself.
She is very kind," I answered.

Listening to me, Bee said.
"I have the same cookies and I'll give Mom the whole one.

So now you think I am the kindest girl, don't you?"

Well, who is the kindest?

My original Japanese entry.


My Daughter's Mystery

Pon told me one morning.

"Mom, it was a complete mystery.

Last night, I'd just fallen asleep when my iPhone rang.
For a moment I thought but it was my alarm clock.

I thought it must have been a dream, so I went back to sleep."
"No! You had to get up," I said.

My original Japanese entry.



We Love Perfume

My daughter told me,
"I like Perfume especially the girl who has the long hair."

I replied, "Oh, you do? Which?"
"There are two girls who have long hair in Perfume," I answered.
"I like the girl who has the longest hair because long hair is beautiful."
My daughter seemed like she didn't know the name of the member.

I told her who I liked, too.
"I like the girl who has bobbed hair the best.
She has a good figure, too."

She asked, "What is her name?"
"I don't know," I replied.

You don't need to know anything about someone to become a fan,
though it would be better if you did.

My original Japanese entry.


Cat Quiz

My youngest daughter, Bee, gave her sister
a quiz when she is having dinner.
"Well, Pon, what is a cat that has folded ears called?"

Pon answered, "Cute."


We call them Scottish Folds," Bee said.
"OK. What is a cat that has no hair at all called?" Bee continued.

Pon replied, "A poor cat?"


We call the cat a Sphinx," Bee said.

Bee asked for proper nouns,
but Pon didn't understand what was required of her.

My original Japanese entry.