A reason why I am so beautiful

When we were having breakfast, 
my youngest daughter suddenly said.

"I'm now more beautiful than when I was three years old!"
I thought, "Huh?" and
she then explained the reason with confidence.

"Because I have been eating more vegetables than before."
"Oh, I see," I answered.

I used to tell my daughters,
"Have lots of vegetables, so you can be beautiful.
They contain lots of vitamins, fiber and enzymes."

But she refused to let me to wipe off
the food sticking to her face.

So I said,
"The egg and ketchup are spoiling your beautiful face."
Then she allowed me to do.

My original Japanese entry

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Born to be Japanese

We stayed in Borneo island, Malaysia, from July 23rd to 31st.
We transfered in Hong Kong.

    It was the first time that I landed on a huge international airport
    since we landed in Kai Tak airport
    when my mother and I visited Hong Kong in the past.

      On the very long moving walkway,
      I told my youngest daughter how to exchange greetings.

      "おはよう is 'Good morning,' and こんにちは is 'Hello!'"

        She then got nervous thinking she would say something in English,
        "What do you say? What do you say ...?"

        At last, she began to cry,
        "I forgot how to say my name in English! I... I am...I don't know!"

        She also added,
        "I wish I wasn't Japanese, so I could speak English!"

          I laughed and thought,
          "Being able to speak English doesn't mean that you're not Japanese."
          And I hugged her.

          My original Japanese entry

          Thanks to Benjamin for correcting my English.


          Funny Photographs On The Twitter

          What is the commander saying?"

          I've heard that all pets tend to bear resemblance
          to their owners and vice versa.
          I found a good example.

          What did this cat find out?

          I think she found her long lost twin sister
          who has been separated from her all those years.

          "I'll watch this direction.
          Watch my back!"

          It is not only marsupials who love a pocket, but also me.

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          I haven't seen you for a long time!

          I had a summer holiday with my family, we went to Malaysia.
          My husband planned the schedule.
          We spent eight days on Borneo Island.
          During our stay there, my youngest daughter got one year older.
          We , a floor manager and employee celebrated her fifth birthday.

          Since she thinks that she is now a big girl,
          she would be sad if she knew that the cabin attendant asked me,
          "Did the BABY fasten the seat belt?"

          My original Japanese entry


            Thanks to echo01 and エリース for correcting my English.