Still Working On?

One morning, my youngest daughter was waiting
for her dad in front of a bathroom door.

"... Dad, are you still working on?", she asked.

"Sorry, bee. Do you want to use the bathroom?
Give me a couple of minutes."

"Umm...", she waited putting a blanket on
with the idea of surprising him.

She thought the blanket was a costume of a ghost.
Since she couldn't wait long time,
she went somewhere else before he knew it.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Hien for correcting my English.


The Relationship Between Waterslides and Kagawa Prefecture

We stayed at Shangri-La hotel in Borneo, Malaysia last July.

They have nice water slides.

The green one looks like a tube, 
the purple one drops suddenly,
the blue one is just fun.

My daughters liked them so much, of course.

My youngest daughter said to me,
"Mom, this is the first time that I have left Japan
and been overseas, it's so fun, isn't it?"

"Uh... Yes, honey," I answered but thought to myself,
"You're only looking at swimming pool in Borneo."

She continued, "Overseas is like Kagawa!"
and went up the stairs.
I was puzzled.
She has never been to Kagawa Prefecture in Japan.
It is her best friend's hometown.
Since she had often heard fun things about Kagawa,
it seems like a lovely place to her.

They have a nice bucket, too.

Oh, I miss you, summer vacation!!

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to エリース for correcting my English.


The Reason Why Mickey Doesn't Talk

My youngest daughter(5yo) suddenly asked me,
"Mom, why is Mickey Mouse so quiet
when he is with me?

He talks to us all the time when he performs
on stage or in the parades."

"Eh?!", I was lost for words.

She continued, "He may be so shy, I guess."

I jumped at her idea,
"That's right! I agree with you."

Several days later, she said again,
"Mom, it was wrong, I guess.

I thought Mickey must have been so shy
that he couldn't talk to me but it must not be true.

If he is shy, he won't be able
to talk on stage nor in the parades."

"When I danced in the field,
I bore to cry on the sports day.
I'm wondering why Mickey doesn't talk."
"Oh, I have no idea, honey."

Anybody has good idea?

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Hien, mishels and Gandhi for correcting my English.


White Line

When autumn deepens gradually,
you can't define the difference between night and day at six am.

Our dog, Cocoa, always walks on the lines
when we cross the road.
What about your dogs?

This picture is of the real Cocoa
on a promenade with fallen leaves.


Games and Reality

My second daughter, bee, likes playing games
on the internet.
Although she is only five years old,
there are some easy game sites.
(For example → http://www.kids-sheraton.jp/ )

Sometimes she needs helps,
so she asks her elder sister, pon.
Pon said, "Bee, you need these important key words,
'the sun and the moon shining golden'."

"Wow! Thank you, pon-chan!", bee replied.
Since they quarrel constantly, I was so glad
to see that they were playing together peacefully.

After that, pon was looking for something, "I can't find it..."
Then she asked, "Bee, if you find a silver clip, tell me."

Bee answered, "OK! A silver shining clip, isn't it?
I'll find it."
And bee stared into the display,
but I was afraid that her elder sister
didn't mean to  a virtual clip.

Thanks to Adriana, Hien and スープガール for correcting my English.


Last August one of my friend gave us
some water melons.
She lives in Sendai where the earthquake
attacked on March eleventh 2011.
Since I sent her some foods and water after the disaster,
she gave them to us in return.

I wanted to take photos of my daughters and the melons
because the melons were so big.

When I called them, my youngest daughter
changed her T-shirt and pants to a dress and said,
"Mom, when I stand on tiptoe, I look like an older girl."
She walked to me with square shoulders and stretched herself.
Do you agree with her?

If you want people to think you look younger,
you can't be young.
If you want people to think you look older,
you can't be old, I guess.

Thanks to Gandhi for correcting my English.