The Reason Why Mickey Doesn't Talk

My youngest daughter(5yo) suddenly asked me,
"Mom, why is Mickey Mouse so quiet
when he is with me?

He talks to us all the time when he performs
on stage or in the parades."

"Eh?!", I was lost for words.

She continued, "He may be so shy, I guess."

I jumped at her idea,
"That's right! I agree with you."

Several days later, she said again,
"Mom, it was wrong, I guess.

I thought Mickey must have been so shy
that he couldn't talk to me but it must not be true.

If he is shy, he won't be able
to talk on stage nor in the parades."

"When I danced in the field,
I bore to cry on the sports day.
I'm wondering why Mickey doesn't talk."
"Oh, I have no idea, honey."

Anybody has good idea?

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Hien, mishels and Gandhi for correcting my English.

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