The Relationship Between Waterslides and Kagawa Prefecture

We stayed at Shangri-La hotel in Borneo, Malaysia last July.

They have nice water slides.

The green one looks like a tube, 
the purple one drops suddenly,
the blue one is just fun.

My daughters liked them so much, of course.

My youngest daughter said to me,
"Mom, this is the first time that I have left Japan
and been overseas, it's so fun, isn't it?"

"Uh... Yes, honey," I answered but thought to myself,
"You're only looking at swimming pool in Borneo."

She continued, "Overseas is like Kagawa!"
and went up the stairs.
I was puzzled.
She has never been to Kagawa Prefecture in Japan.
It is her best friend's hometown.
Since she had often heard fun things about Kagawa,
it seems like a lovely place to her.

They have a nice bucket, too.

Oh, I miss you, summer vacation!!

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to エリース for correcting my English.

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