Games and Reality

My second daughter, bee, likes playing games
on the internet.
Although she is only five years old,
there are some easy game sites.
(For example → http://www.kids-sheraton.jp/ )

Sometimes she needs helps,
so she asks her elder sister, pon.
Pon said, "Bee, you need these important key words,
'the sun and the moon shining golden'."

"Wow! Thank you, pon-chan!", bee replied.
Since they quarrel constantly, I was so glad
to see that they were playing together peacefully.

After that, pon was looking for something, "I can't find it..."
Then she asked, "Bee, if you find a silver clip, tell me."

Bee answered, "OK! A silver shining clip, isn't it?
I'll find it."
And bee stared into the display,
but I was afraid that her elder sister
didn't mean to  a virtual clip.

Thanks to Adriana, Hien and スープガール for correcting my English.

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