Mom, I Love You

"Mom, I love you so much!
I'll do anything for you,"

my eight-year-old girl suddenly said while she hugged me.

"What can I do for you now?"
she asked but I have no idea.

In a while, I said to her,
"I want you to prepare for school."

She replied unwillingly,
"Uh? Later."

She laid down on the floor and didn't even get up.
Didn't she say that she would do whatever anything for me?
Children are always fickle.


Smaller Two

My eldest daughter will be fifteen on the 23rd on March.
Teenagers always go to bed late, she goes to bed later than I do.
On the other hand, my youngest daughter, who is eight, starts feeling sleepy around nine.

One night, my eldest daughter asked me where her sister and our dog, Cocoa, were.

The smaller two went to sleep together.
Even tough Cocoa usually sleeps by our feet, I found that she used a pillow like a person that night.
It was very funny.
Does your dog use a pillow?