What is Mascara?

When I was putting makeup on my face,
my youngest daughter looked at me and quizzed,
"What are you doing, Mom?"

"I'm putting mascara on my eyelashes," I smiled.

"What is it?"
"It is a makeup for thickening your eyelashes."

She pondered for a while...

 and began to stroke her eyebrows.

"You're stroking your eyebrows,
but I said 'eyelashes', Hahaha!" I said.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Nazumu, Besudesu and Hien for correcting my English.



This is a handcraft that bee made in her nursery.

I wandered what it was.
"It's an iPhone," she said, "You can take pictures with it."
The following are the pictures she showed me.

 "Dad and Mom"

"Pon and Bee"

"Cocoa and Hamuko-chan"

I laughed at the smallness of Pon's hair and the eye shadow Bee was wearing.
In addition, I put a ribbon on my head in the picture
but I've never put it on in real life.

I was glad that everyone looked happy in the pictures.

I named the handcraft bPhone.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Chell for correcting my English.


Listening To My Daughter's Concert

My eldest daughter plays the trombone in her elementary school band.
Last December, they had a concert with a middle school,
a high school and a professional jazz band.

The elementary school band played as best they could.
They practiced every morning and every afternoon after school.
Some students even performed solo parts, too.

I was so impressed because the middle school
and the high school bands so well.
Their performance was full of energy and youth.

The professional jazz band's performance
was matured and composed.
We enjoyed their talking and they played the last song
walking around us.
They interacted with the audience as they performed.

Since this was the first experience for my parents and I,
we chatted together afterward, "It was so fun!",
"I enjoyed it so much," or "It was amazing
our Pon was the one of the band members!"

I said to my father, "You didn't fall asleep
like at elementary school concert, did you?"

"..." he kept silent and gave me a look.
"... You did?" I asked.
He seemed to have nodded off during the pro's performance.

My origina Japanese entry.

Thanks to annarose, Peke Penguin, Ashley
and Hien for correcting my English.


Money Sense Of A Five Year Girl

It was the end of the year, my youngest daughter and I
were out shopping for new year holidays.

When I murmured, "I'll take this one and that one..."
she asked me with an anxious look.

"Mom, is your money OK?
Won't it run out?"

I answered reassuringly, "It's OK. I have enough for them."
Then she said with a smile, "That's good!

If you get any thousand yen bills as change, give me one!"

Wow! Giving her money makes me poorer than shopping less!

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to KNK, Maverickbc, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.


Attractive Plump Cheeks

When my daughters and I were on the way to McDonald's,
a strange man came up to my youngest daughter.

He said, "How cute you are! I'll give you this card, "
and handed the card to her.
It was a McDonald's card that was worth 500 yen.
"Why are you giving that to her?" I asked.
Stroking Bee's cheek, he answered, "Because she is so cute."
Since we were having lunch there, the card was very useful.

Though my youngest daughter thanked him,
my eldest daughter and I felt it was uncomfortable.

Thanks to May, Peke Penguin and Corey for correcting my English.


A Naughty Girl

"Hmm... do you know whether these leaves

will float on the juice or not?
This is an experiment."

"Mom, can I bring it home? I like it because
it looks like seaweed, doesn't it?"

"Oof!" she eventually started to sumo on the sofa
in a spaghetti shop where our family was having lunch.

Since I said to her, "I don't want to eat out with you anymore,"
she said, "Yes, you will!"
She is such a naughty girl sometimes, it's not even funny.

Thanks to Ashley and Hien for correcting my English.



When my husband was watching TV,
my youngest daughter spoke to him: "I feel like watching TV."
She wanted to say, "Change the TV channel and
give me the confortable place."

She said, "Gee."

Making room for a child is an awkward thing.
Especially after a tiresome day of work.

"Bee, go to the bathroom first, then I'll make room,"
he continued.
"Why? Then, I'll play a computer game.
Turn on the computer, Dad," she answered.
"All right. Bee, bring me some snacks first," he insisted.

"Turn on the game!"
"Go to the bathroom! I worried about for a good while."
They were negotiating.

When I saw them, they looked like as in this picture.
I'm not sure whether she went to the bathroom
or how the negotiating was come.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to アミカ and Hien for correcting my English.


A Lovely Morning

 As my eldest daughter was getting dressed this morning,
she muttered to herself:

"I wander what lovely things will await me today?"

I heard this while I was preparing her breakfast.
I felt so happy inside so I thanked the Gods that
my daughter was living her life with joy.
I hope she will have many great experiences and a lovely life.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Kissy94, Ashley and Hien for correcting my English.


Hold And Kick Up

My youngest daughter doesn't usually like taking baths.
However, on this particular night,
my eldest daughter was using a lovely brown bathing powder,
which has a chocolate smell.
So my little daughter began to undress quickly.

"Hmmmm!" she groaned.

"Hmmmmm!!!" she groaned again as she held her arms up.
Her shirt wouldn't come off easily.
My eldest daughter and I laughed and just watched her.
I wondered whether she needed to kick her leg up.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Eljay, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.


Santa Claus Comes Three Times A Day

When my daughters got up on Christmas morning
two years ago, they found presents under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus had given my eldest daughter computer games:
Wii Music and Cooking Mama 3.

 My youngest daughter was given toy drums and an Ariel doll.

My youngest daughter exclaimed happily,
"Santa Claus will come tomorrow, too,"
and confirmed her sister, "Won't he, Pon?"

"No, he won't," Pon answered immediately.

"He will!" my youngest daughter insisted.
"No, he won't," we said.

Eventually, my youngest daughter began to cry saying,
"Santa Claus will come three times a day! I believe it!"
We laughed a lot.

Santa will be very overworked.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to brollyteacake, Hien and スープガール for correcting my English.


Is My Kid An Angel?

I saw this tweet on Twitter.
Since it was in Japanese,
my translation is over 140 letters.

A: When my kid says, "Ouch!" I say,
"Watch out!" or "It's your own fault!"
But when I say, "Ouch!" my kid asks me,
" Are you OK?" and he strokes my hand.
Is my kid an angel?

B: Certainly, he is.

Thanks to デリック and スープガール for correcting my English.


A New Unit Measuring Coldness

We, Japanese people, wear clothes made by UNIQLO in winter.
Their products trap heat and humidity.

I chatted on Twitter with my friends and one of them said,
"I'm wearing four UNIQLO today."

Another friend said on her Facebook,
"I'm wearing four UNIQLO today, since it is so cold."

I laughed and counted my layers.
I am wearing one UNIQLO and three GAP today.

Thanks to ying and Ray for correcting my English.


Indulgent Dad

Since it was a parents' visiting day that day,
I went to see my youngest daughter in her nursery.

Another mother, Kano, told me
how my husband treats my youngest daughter.

By chance, Kano and my husband walked home together
until their way home separated on the route.

Then my daughter asked him to give her a ride on his shoulders.

 Kano said, "Since they said, 'Goodbye, now!' so jauntily,
I thought they must have been almost home.
But your home is rather far from mine, isn't it?"
I was embarrassed.

Certainly, he said to me before,
"Bee (our youngest daughter) didn't walk at all today."
I asked him, "Huh? You mean you took a taxi?"
He answered, "No. I carried her in my arms all the way home."

It is over one kilometer (about one mile).
How indulgent he is!
I can't believe it.

When I told these stories to Bee's teacher, she said,
"Oh, I can believe it.
When he brings Bee to our nursery in the mornings,
he won't go to work but waves his hand for a long time."

I was so embarrassed.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Dan, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English.