When my husband was watching TV,
my youngest daughter spoke to him: "I feel like watching TV."
She wanted to say, "Change the TV channel and
give me the confortable place."

She said, "Gee."

Making room for a child is an awkward thing.
Especially after a tiresome day of work.

"Bee, go to the bathroom first, then I'll make room,"
he continued.
"Why? Then, I'll play a computer game.
Turn on the computer, Dad," she answered.
"All right. Bee, bring me some snacks first," he insisted.

"Turn on the game!"
"Go to the bathroom! I worried about for a good while."
They were negotiating.

When I saw them, they looked like as in this picture.
I'm not sure whether she went to the bathroom
or how the negotiating was come.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to アミカ and Hien for correcting my English.

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