I Want To Be Four Years Old

When Bee was three years old, she asked me with a worried look,

"Mom, why can't I be a four-year-old girl yet?"

I replied, "You will turn four years old when your birthday comes."

She continued, "If I sing a birthday song can I be older?

If you buy a birthday cake for me and Dad and
Pon and you say,'Happy birthday,
Bee!' and If I blow the candles out, can I become four years old?"

I smiled and repeated the answer.

Although she might not be in a hurry,
time feels to go to slow for everyone once in a while.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Tony and ガンディー for correcting my English.


My Eco Life

I make coffee with ground coffee beans,
a dripper and a coffee server.

My dripper doesn't need filter paper because it has sieves.

Recently, I've been making more coffee than
I need and saving what I don't drink
at that time in a thermos bottle.

Now I can drink hot coffee anytime,
and save time and gas to boil the water.

"What a good idea, which is also eco-friendly!"
I thought and said boastingly to my husband.

All he said was, "That's great," in a stoic manner,
but I don't care.

He isn't good at praising me.


Our Hamster

Bee had hamsters on the iPad.
Now she wants a real one, so my husband bought one for her.

I claimed that I wouldn't be able to take care of it
because I already have a job, two girls and a dog.
Initially, Pon and my husband that they would
take care of the dog, but they don't.

I get up at 5:40 every morning and take our dog
for a walk before going to work.
Afterwards, I make breakfast, prepare Bee's clothes
and backpack and leave home.

I pretend not to have any interest in the hamster
but truthfully, I like her.
Even though no one knows whether it is male or female,
Bee insisted it was a girl and named it Hamko-chan.

When I looked at Hamko-chan, she was sleeping.
I thought it was funny that her eyes were slanted
because the entrance of her house was narrow.


Keep it a secret that I like Hamko-chan!

Thanks to Tom, ArUichigo and Hien for correcting my English.


Momentary Love

(This entry is not about love affairs or romances.)

I had flu last weekend so I was in bed.

Pon was out playing with her friends
and Bee was watching videos.

Even though I was sorry that I couldn't play with or
take care of her, she was full of love toward me.

All of a sudden, she ran to me and screamed,
"Mom, I love you!"
and I jumped up in bed.

As soon as she screamed that,
she ran back in front of TV saying,
"Oh, the program is back."

The love was only for comercial break.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to mishels and Hien for correcting my English.


About Tolerance

While we were watching TV, they showed a quiz program.

Bee shouted, "Oh! I know. I know the answer !"

Pon asked her, "Do you? Well, tell me the answer."

Even though she was asked, she continued to say,
"I completely know the answer now,"
and didn't reply to her sister.

As soon as they showed the answer she replied,
"It's soy beans. See? I knew it all along."

She was confident but we were afraid that
she didn't really know such difficult words because she calls all pulses 'peas'.

Pon understood tolerance was important to communicate with small children.

My original Japanese entry.