Our Hamster

Bee had hamsters on the iPad.
Now she wants a real one, so my husband bought one for her.

I claimed that I wouldn't be able to take care of it
because I already have a job, two girls and a dog.
Initially, Pon and my husband that they would
take care of the dog, but they don't.

I get up at 5:40 every morning and take our dog
for a walk before going to work.
Afterwards, I make breakfast, prepare Bee's clothes
and backpack and leave home.

I pretend not to have any interest in the hamster
but truthfully, I like her.
Even though no one knows whether it is male or female,
Bee insisted it was a girl and named it Hamko-chan.

When I looked at Hamko-chan, she was sleeping.
I thought it was funny that her eyes were slanted
because the entrance of her house was narrow.


Keep it a secret that I like Hamko-chan!

Thanks to Tom, ArUichigo and Hien for correcting my English.

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