About "yowayowa camera woman diary"

I found a very interesting web site, "yowayowa camera woman diary".
Hayashi Natsumi takes amazing pictures
where she looks like she's flying or floating in the air.

Her work fascinated me immediately, so I tried to imitate her. 
These two picture is from "yowayowa camera woman diary", shot by Natsumi.

The rest were taken by me.
(The subject is my daughter.)
I can't increase my iPhone's shatter speed.
I really want a camera like the Canon EOS that she uses.

These pictures are better because I shoot them in a brighter light.


Everyone Makes Mistakes

Even though I was not sure what I supposed to have done,

I told Bee, "I'm sorry. It was my fault."

"It's OK, Mom. Anyone can take mistakes," she cheered me up,
"For example, I tried to give Cocoa her toy..." she continued.

"I thought it was her toy but it was the croissant I was eating.
So you don't have to apologize."
I was relieved and puzzled at the same time.

Why did she take such a mistake?

She hadn't told me that she dropped the croissant so did she eat it?

It remains a mystery but I can say this,
"She has a tender heart and loves me."

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Hien for correcting my English.


ねこバス Neko Bus

I'm sorry but Neko Bus is for humans like Satsuki and May.

Do you mind if I beg you to refrain from using the bus?



Although my father bought an iPhone,
he didn't know how to put applications on it so I told him how.

He was so glad to know an especially an application
for listening to the radio on the iPhone.

He said to his grand daughters, "I like best this application that plays radio.
You can listen to it by this Bruce Lee!"

Everyone in the room who heard it told him, "It's bluetooth!"

"What? Bruce Lee is wrong? It's bluetooth?" he lost his confidence,
"OK. But how do you say it correctly, Bee?"

Asking by her grandfather,my daughter of six pronounced clearly, "Bluetooth!"

English and computer terms are still difficult for elderly Japanese people.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to liam for correction my English.


Your Comic Is Fun

Bee doesn't often reply immediately
when I call her for dinner so she usually remains at the table.

Tonight, I laid down beside her on the floor.
She told me, "Mom, your comics are so fun!"

As you may know, I have some comic blogs, Japanese and English one.

Since I thought that she read my entries on her iPad at the table,
I answered a little self-consciously, "They are?"

When I looked up at her, I realized that
she pointed to the comics that I was reading.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Molly and Hien for correction my English.


Feet of a Cloud

I love watching the sky at night with Bee after taking a bath.
This night, we sat on the veranda as usual.

I said to her, "It's windy today so the clouds are passing
away one by one.

Look, that cloud is quick-footed!"

"Year?", she looked up at the sky and replied quizzically.

"Mom, clouds don't have any feet."

I knew it!
She doesn't understand metaphors yet.

My original Japanese entry.


Thanks to pretteylittlefeather and Hien for correction my English.


Pon Is Still Underage

In Japan, non-alcohol drinks are popular right now.

When I was drinking it at home,
I wanted to talk to someone about the drink.

"It has no alcohol but you feel like you're getting drunk, don't you?"
I asked Pon.

"I don't know," and her reply reminded me she was still underage.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to taciturm for correction my English.


☆Pizzicato Five☆

Today, I'd like to tell you about PIZZICATO FIVE. Do you know the group?

They were organized by Konishi Yasuharu (小西康陽) in Tokyo; the year was 1984. However, I didn't know about them for a long time afterwards. When the third vocalist, Nomiya Maki (野宮真貴), joined PIZZICATO FIVE in 1990, they achieved great fame. Her voice is a kind of miracle; it is so sweet and it sounds like a breeze.

I was amazed the first time I listened to "Sweet Soul Review", which is one of their songs. PIZZICATO FIVE was my boyfriend's favorite group at the time. From then on, it became my favorite band as well. I was a college student then, so I had more time than I have now. I used to listen to their songs form morning to night every day for years.

My most favorite song by them is "Magic Carpet Ride". But "The Night Is Still Young (東京は夜の七時)", "20th Century Girl", "I Hear A Symphony (大都会交響曲)" are just a few of the countless PIZZICATO FIVE songs I love. Their songs possess an atmosphere of elegance and big city life; how I was attracted to their world!

Though they broke up in 2001, I feel like that the songs of PIZZICATO FIVE flowing in my blood vessels. Their melodies have become a part of my body. Loving PIZZICATO FIVE is such a natural feeling. It almost seems strange to verbally express "I love PIZZICATO FIVE!"

Thanks to TastyRobot, エリース and Jared for correction my English.


Just in Case

When Bee was watching her favorite TV program,
she brought my yoga mat in front of the TV.

I wondered why she did and asked her the reason.

"I don't mean it but in case," she replied
"I'm prepared for something that may happen."

I encouraged her enthusiastically to go
to bathroom before an emergency.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Mollykinni for correction my English.


The Taste of the Lemon Water

Bee put some lemon juice into a glass of water by herself.

She didn't add any sugar or honey so it was not lemonade.
What did it taste like?

"Sour!"she screamed.
She might have put in too much juice.

"Sour!"she continued after sipping her water again,
"I'm becoming smaller when I drink it!"

I understood what she meant.

Don't you feel like you're shrinking when you have something sour?

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to tony, zz_alex_zz and Hien for correcting my English.


The Watching Dog, Cocoa

Cocoa, our dog, noticed something strange
while she was taking a nap.

"Mom! Someone is coming!" she barked.

"Bow wow!"

"Bow Waaah! Mom! It's serious!"

Even though she warned me it was an emergency,
it was funny that she was in the blanket
and it was my husband that she heard.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Lang-8


The Grass

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

The flower is always redder it the other window.


Japanese Lunch Box キャラ弁

Since my daughters had events in their nursery and school on the same day
last month, I made their lunch boxes.
I selected キイロイトリKiiroi-Tori from リラックマRelakkuma.

This is my youngest daughter's bento.

She said she liked it and finished it before she she came home.

The second picture shows my eldest daughter's one.

She said she liked it, but she ate it while hiding her friends
because it looked childish.
She is in a middle school now, so I stopped making a kyara-ben for her.
(It's a sorrow!)

The last picture is the bento for my husband.

It had no character but I used the rest of nori,
Japanese sea weed, for his rice balls.
He had no reaction.
Maybe he wanted some cute character.

Thanks to Tony and Cruz for correcting my English.


Cocoa and My Husband

Our dog is called Cocoa.

In the holiday morning,
my husband laid out his Japanese bedding on the living room floor.

Cocoa tried to take a nap next to him too,
but his snoring was a little annoying.

I took a photo because her distress look was funny.

After a while, a drowsy feeling came over her and she closed her eyes.

Since her face looked like a child's, I thought it was funny, too.

When she got up, she brought her favorite toy to play by him.
She played with the toy, growling for some time and left it on his head.

He didn't notice it.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to serendipity and スープガール for correcting my English.


Mr. Thunderbolt 雷様

On the way home from the nursery
I heard a thunder, so I told my daughter,

"When you were three years old you said
you hated thunder
because it might steal your bellybutton."

She laughed and said, "Really? Did I?"
I asked, "Do you still hate thunder?"

She replied with an angry look, "Sure!
Because it's the end if he steals your bellybutton.
Even though it's only once, it's final."

It was funny that she was so serious
even though it was only an ancient legend.

(In Japan, we personify thunder.
My grandmother used to tell me not to show my navel
when I took a nap or Mr. Thunder might steal it.
I think it must have been so young children
would not catch a cold while sleeping.)

Thanks to idratherbesleeping for correcting my English.


Those Are The Days

We went to Miyazaki, a southern prefecture in Japan.

On the last day of the trip, we visited an amusement park for
children, Kodomono Kuni, since it was on the way to the airport.

Before we went to in, my eldest daughter was so excited.

But she was disappointed by the park because
she felt it was too childish for her.

She asked me, "It's different than what I imagined.
Is it OK I'm here? Is it OK that a middle school girl is here?"

I replied, "Sure! Where do you want to go?
If you don't like any of the rides, shall we go 'park golf'?
Why don't we go back to the raffle?
You can go anywhere. I'll take you there."

"Well, " she requested, "I want to go back to
my elementary school days. I'd love to."

I answered, "I'm sorry I can't take you there."

She has missed her elementary school days.

It was a heartbreak for me, too.

I hope she familiars with her middle school
and makes many new friends.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to porksoda for correcting my English.


I'm Not Your Mom.

I'm not your Mom!

Additionally, I'm a boy.
Don't follow me!!