Japanese Lunch Box キャラ弁

Since my daughters had events in their nursery and school on the same day
last month, I made their lunch boxes.
I selected キイロイトリKiiroi-Tori from リラックマRelakkuma.

This is my youngest daughter's bento.

She said she liked it and finished it before she she came home.

The second picture shows my eldest daughter's one.

She said she liked it, but she ate it while hiding her friends
because it looked childish.
She is in a middle school now, so I stopped making a kyara-ben for her.
(It's a sorrow!)

The last picture is the bento for my husband.

It had no character but I used the rest of nori,
Japanese sea weed, for his rice balls.
He had no reaction.
Maybe he wanted some cute character.

Thanks to Tony and Cruz for correcting my English.

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