Mr. Thunderbolt 雷様

On the way home from the nursery
I heard a thunder, so I told my daughter,

"When you were three years old you said
you hated thunder
because it might steal your bellybutton."

She laughed and said, "Really? Did I?"
I asked, "Do you still hate thunder?"

She replied with an angry look, "Sure!
Because it's the end if he steals your bellybutton.
Even though it's only once, it's final."

It was funny that she was so serious
even though it was only an ancient legend.

(In Japan, we personify thunder.
My grandmother used to tell me not to show my navel
when I took a nap or Mr. Thunder might steal it.
I think it must have been so young children
would not catch a cold while sleeping.)

Thanks to idratherbesleeping for correcting my English.

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