Listening To My Daughter's Concert

My eldest daughter plays the trombone in her elementary school band.
Last December, they had a concert with a middle school,
a high school and a professional jazz band.

The elementary school band played as best they could.
They practiced every morning and every afternoon after school.
Some students even performed solo parts, too.

I was so impressed because the middle school
and the high school bands so well.
Their performance was full of energy and youth.

The professional jazz band's performance
was matured and composed.
We enjoyed their talking and they played the last song
walking around us.
They interacted with the audience as they performed.

Since this was the first experience for my parents and I,
we chatted together afterward, "It was so fun!",
"I enjoyed it so much," or "It was amazing
our Pon was the one of the band members!"

I said to my father, "You didn't fall asleep
like at elementary school concert, did you?"

"..." he kept silent and gave me a look.
"... You did?" I asked.
He seemed to have nodded off during the pro's performance.

My origina Japanese entry.

Thanks to annarose, Peke Penguin, Ashley
and Hien for correcting my English.

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