Indulgent Dad

Since it was a parents' visiting day that day,
I went to see my youngest daughter in her nursery.

Another mother, Kano, told me
how my husband treats my youngest daughter.

By chance, Kano and my husband walked home together
until their way home separated on the route.

Then my daughter asked him to give her a ride on his shoulders.

 Kano said, "Since they said, 'Goodbye, now!' so jauntily,
I thought they must have been almost home.
But your home is rather far from mine, isn't it?"
I was embarrassed.

Certainly, he said to me before,
"Bee (our youngest daughter) didn't walk at all today."
I asked him, "Huh? You mean you took a taxi?"
He answered, "No. I carried her in my arms all the way home."

It is over one kilometer (about one mile).
How indulgent he is!
I can't believe it.

When I told these stories to Bee's teacher, she said,
"Oh, I can believe it.
When he brings Bee to our nursery in the mornings,
he won't go to work but waves his hand for a long time."

I was so embarrassed.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Dan, スープガール and Hien for correcting my English. 

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