Blame Me, If You Want.

I took my daughters to visit my parents' house last weekend.

They bought a whole cake to celebrate my eldest daughter's
passing her entrance examination.

My eldest daughter chose a piece of cake first
then my youngest daughter chose the biggest piece.

A few moments later, my mother gave us some slices of melon
and my daughters took two slices each.

It was winter, so the melon was probably expensive.

My father said, "I can eat something rare
because my grand daughters have come."

My mother also offered delicious osenbei
(Japanese rice crackers) to my daughters.

Finally, I complained,
"Mom, thank you for the good treats
but my daughters will be stuffed before dinner.
You've given them too much."

Then Bee insisted, "It was me who wanted to eat!"

Looking at her, I was surprised and felt funny.

She continued to protect her grandmother,
"It was me who ate the treats!"

At last, we burst into laughter.

My mother was so glad to hear that.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to エリース and Hien for correcting my English.

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