She Is So Sociable

When my youngest daughter woke up,
I apologized what I said to her the previous night.

"I'm sorry that I said too much to you at midnight."

She replied, 
"I'm sorry, too, Mom. I was a bad girl."

I said, "Not at all. I know that you didn't mean it, "
and I held her hands.

... By the way,
I wonder if she  remembers what she did.
I asked her, "You called youself a bad girl,
but do you remember what you did at midnight?"

She answered smiling, "No, I don't."

Even though she wasn't sure what she did,
she apologized to me after she looked at my sad face.

She wet the bed last night.


My original Japanese entry

Thanks to edKiwi and Gandy for correcting my English!

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