I'm So Smart

One night, my husband asked me
if I would like to share a can of beer with him.
Since he was having a health examination
at his company, he didn't want to drink much.
My youngest daughter heard him and
she said that she would bring the beer to us.

Though she couldn't reach the refrigerator shelf,
she used a stool and managed to get it.

We thought that she wanted to show us
how smart she was.

As soon as she came back,
she shook the can well.

Smiling she said, "Go ahead."

She might have mistaken the canned beer
for the canned cocoa which was what my husband
used to buy her on the way home from nursery.

It was difficult to explain to a five years old
why it isn't necessary to shake beer.

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to jzzop and Bun for correcting my English.

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