My Bluetooth Headset

I bought a new headset.
It is exciting that your neck is free
since it doesn't have any cords hanging
from your ears to your iPod.

I showed it off to my husband
and explained what an exquisite product I got.

Then my youngest daughter (5yo) saw it
and said, "Mom! It looks good on you!
It makes you look so cute!!"
She praised me to the skies.

I was a little embarrassed and said,
"Thanks honey."
I thought she was too young to understand
that the white one hanging from
my ears were earphones.
She must have thought it was
an accessary or something.
I felt her deep love.

My original Japanese entry


After that I bought the other one,
and I recommend you this bluetooth head set.


Thanks to Ashley and Lene for correcting my English.

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