Lovely Smile

I do medical examinations for one month baby
every Thursday in my hospital.

I ordinarily ask routine questions like ,
"Is your baby surprised when she hears something?"

I ask this so that I know the baby's hearing ability.
The baby's mother answered, "Yes, she is."

"Does she frown at a glaring light?"
This question is to know the baby's vision ability.
"Yes, she does."

"Well, dose she smile by herself?", I asked.

This question is important because
I can get information about the nerves.

The mother answered, "Yeeees, her smile is so lovely!"

I had never heard such a lovely reply since I became a pediatrician.

I hadn't paid any attention as to whether a baby's smile
was lovely or not because it was a method
for doctors to determine a nervous disorder or a disease.

My smile must have been lovely at that time although I said nothing.

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to jzzop and fpwriter92 for correction my English.

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