While driving to my parents house I asked Bee,
"Which song do you want to hear?"

She usually selects a songbook for children
or the theme songs of Anpanman.
So I expected her to choose one of them.

Howevershe replied, "Butterfly of Kimura Kaera!"

"Huh? Are you sure?",
I couldn't believe it because the song was her older sister's favorite.
As she nodded, I put the CD into the player.

I couldn't record her singing then
so I waited to until I got home to do it.
(It doesn't show her face.)

She made some mistakes,
for example,「赤い糸で結ばれてる」→「赤い人で結ばれてる」.
It means "We are tied with a red string,"→"We are tied with a red person."

This is an original recording of "Butterfly" by Kimura Kaera.

Thanks to Thomas and Edward for correcting my English.

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