It Doesn't Obey Physical Laws

My 4-year-old daughterBee, doesn't like her school uniforms.
Her nursery school has a school uniform and a school hat.

She's only just started wearing her uniform everyday,
but still occasionally doesn't wear her hat
On top of that, she doesn't carry her backpack by herself.
(Her bag must not be very heavy.)

When she ran down the hallway,
she unexpectedly said, "I'll carry my backpack!"

Then we met Bee's class teacher and greeted her.

chuckled and asked her,
"Since you saw your teacheryou are carrying it by yourself."
"No!" she insisted,

"My backpack suddenly became lighter!"
OhIt doesn't obey any physical laws.

My original Japanese entry.
Thanks to ZIA and Le Nicholas for correcting my English.

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