Come On, Middle School Girl!

Pon started a middle school this April.
(In Japan, new school year starts in April.)

On the day of her school entrance ceremony,
she was watching videos on YouTube
until the last ten minutes before she had to go.

Even though I repeatedly tried to tell her to try it on,
it was the second time she put on her school uniform.
So she asked me if the uniform had a pocket or not.
(Now there was five minutes left before she had to go. )

She didn't prepare to go to school and
her new shoes still had the price tag on them.
(There was three minutes left! )

When she went to the entrance, she begged me to bring a house key.
I was thinking, "What could I say to her
to make her get ready on her own?
What words could encourage her to be ready for school by herself?"

I thought something but I forgot it when I got back to her.
She looked really nice in her uniform.
I hope that she learns to have as good of behavior as her looks.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to ガンディー and あやちゃん for correcting my English.

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