Will You Play the Piano?

While Bee has gown up, I have sometimes
suggested to her that she should meet
an instructor and learn how to play the piano.

Now she is five years old, I asked her again,
"Do you want to play the piano?"

I told her, "I hear that if you don't start learnin
 from around five years old,
you won't be able to hear absolute pitch.
I'll call an instructor who my friend said was good and kind."

"No!" she said immediately, "I like the triangle. "

I was surprised because it was new for me to hear such will.

"Mom, I know where I should hit the triangle.
On the bottom. Oh, I like the sound so much!
I'd like to play the triangle," she chatted on and on.

"..." I have no problem with the triangle but
it doesn't help her to hear absolute pitch.

It is a kind of percussion instrument.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to ライアン for correcting my English.

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