Lovely Winks

When we were having dinner and watching TV,
they showed a story of an orphan wallaby boy.
That day, it was the last day he was cared for by people.

He had to join a herd of wallabies.

Many old videos were shown on the screen.
While watching one of them Bee screamed,
"Mom, that wallaby winked!"
I nodded to her.

Then she closed her eyes,
opened them and looked me meaningfully.

I asked her cautiously, "Did you wink at me perhaps?"
She nodded confidently.

Watching us, Pon called her sister,
"Bee, look at me."

She showed off her complete wink
closing her eye by turns.
After that, Bee began to cry,"No! You're tricky!"
I didn't think Pon was tricky and
it was a very small thing not to need crying.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to CUbuffsFTW, Yuzu_renjyai and 江戸勝 for correcting my English.

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