Kawaii Bento

The day before yesterday, I watched people
making their lunches in America on TV.

Their ideas of cooking were from Japanese "Kyaraben".
They called the lunches Bento.
The reporter said that people were thrifty with their money
because of the Lehman Shock.
They also thought a hand-made lunch was more healthy
and they were enjoying making cute lunches.
was glad Kyaraben cooking is increasing in other countries.

Today I'll show you my Kyaraben.
These two are mine.


And a brown bear.

The last one is a photo from the internet.
The article said that one was a Russian Kyaraben and I was so shocked.

Is this fish raw?

"What in the world is this Bento?"
The comment on that article said.
(Usually Japanese Bento is in the BOX.)
I thought he was right.


Kyaraben I made

wonderful Kyaraben blog I always read

Kyaraben(?) Russians made

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