Am I Deaf?

One nightmy youngest daughter was excited.

She said, "Mom, Takumi at my nursery school
doesn't know any English."
replied, "Oh, reallyGet your pajamas on. "

She continued, "He doesn't know white is shiro in Japanese,
black is kuro and water melon..."
also continued, "Bee, you might catch a cold.
Then you won't be able to go to your lovely nursery school. "

Ignoring me, she added further
"Mom, water melon means melon in Japanese,
doesn't itNoItmeans suika?"

"Anyway, hurry up and put on your pajamas,"
I also added further.

"Oh my... How many times do I have to tell you?"
However, to my surprise
it seemed that she didn't hear anything I said.

She said to me, "I wonder if I'm deaf.
Pon and I can't hear you sometimesMom."

I don't think my daughters are deaf.

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to Wanderer, Kei, 萌依 and Oya for correcting my English.

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