Does It Look Good on Me?

One Saturday, I was going to dinner
with my old friends from my medical school.
Spring had come and I wanted to dress up, so I wore a new shirt.

asked my youngest daughter if the shirt looked good on me.
"Bee, how is it? Does it look good on me? Do I look good?"

She replied, "Yeees, you doIf you show peace signs,
you will look cuter."

made a peace sign with my hand and showed her, "Like this?"

She suggested to me again,
"Two peace signs will make you look even cuter."

posed again, "Like this?"
"Oh! You look especially cute!!!" she screamed.

But wait,

is there any relationship

between my shirt and the peace signs?

Did Bee certainly make

comment on my fashion?

My original Japanese entry

Thanks to bebesecreto and Alex for correcting my English.

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