The Earthquake 3

A huge disaster hit to Japan on the 11th March 2011.
We had registered as a magnitude of 9.0 earthquake
that it is the strongest in Japan history.

Read "Earthquake 1" and "2" of my entries first.

Every time that  there was aftershock came, we froze with fear.
I hesitated to use fire for cooking, so we ate cookies, 
oranges, milk and plain bread under the dining table.

That night, TV news showed unexpected tragedies
in the northeastern district of Japan.
They cut all TV commercials and all of the
channels reported the same news.
In Tokyo where we live, there was the earthquake
with a seismic intensity of 5+.
In the northeastern area, it measured on the seismic scale
to be a 7.0 earthquake. we had never had that before.

It was only in a few minutes later that
the great horror came into existence.
I thought that the mighty power of the earth's
crust could wipe us all out.
We watched that the big hands of tsunami seize many
houses, buildings and cars and it 
wreaked havoc on the all of them, after the earthquake.

We, the Japanese, are trained in fire drills and earthquake drills
in nursery schools (kindergartens), elementary schools, 
middle schools, high schools and universities.

As I am a doctor so I have learned how to let patients
take refuge safely not only how I avoid danger.
I also learned triage how you select patients in an emergency immediately.
But I had thought that I would never use this knowledge in Japan.

The electric power is short because of the accident
on the nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture.
We are saving electricity responding to the government's request and
responding operation Yashima which the people suggested on the internet.
Operation Yashima means that people stop using electricity for the arm
in the story of Evangelion, I had never known that. 
Our saving are successful and it provides trains electricity.
Today, I cannot go for work because of an information mix up.
But I will be able to get on the trains for my hospital
in Saitama prefecture next week.

I hope everything will be alright!
Pray for Japan.

Thanks to Yan and xChilla for correction my English.

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