Photos the Japanese government never published 3

I think some of you couldn't sleep the last few nights
because of my fearful photographs.

... You have had enough of my pictures?
Today I will show you the rest of 3 pictures.

The first one is citizens repairing a car without enough tools.
Because of the last huge earthquakewe don't plenty
of machinery and materials in the northeastern area of Japan.

The second picture shows a citizen who was caught on fire.

You think that Japan is a safe country, don't you?

See the last picture.
Your thought might be wrong.
There are also hoodlums in Japan.

I'm so scared.

On March 18thit was very cold in Japan.

received an email from the nursery school saying
"Accompanying this cold weatherelectricity is running
short.They may cut off the electricity unexpectedly.
So please pick your child up earlier than usual."

Till that time, the center of Tokyo was exempted
from the electricity cutoff plan.
obeyed the email and didn't turn on our air conditioners.
Everyone knows that the refugees are enduring a colder environment
They don't have enough heaters nor enough clothes.
Besides they have lost their dearest families and precious homes.

Since most of us saved on air conditioning
and saved on lighting,  the technicians didn't cut
electricity in the center of Tokyo.

Don't call me an insensitive person
Humor in the face of adversity is a good medicine
(Someone said these words to me.)
Keep your smile!

Thanks to Ray and Nins for correcting my English.

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