Cool Japan

My eldest daughter confessed seriously,
"Mom, I'm a bad girl."
As she looked sad, I was frightened to listen to the reason.
She continued, "I like Hatsune Miku so much."

I answered with a relief,
"I don't think you're a bad girl.
If it is true loving Hatsune Miku is bad,
most Japanese young people are bad."

And I told her Japanese pop culture is very unique
and I didn't know why she was so ashamed.
"If your artwork can make people happy,
it's a wonderful thing."

After that she watched movies on Youtube
with her little sister and showed me her drawings.

Do you know Hatsune Miku?
It is a name of virtual singer and a software that makes songs.
Vocaloid is a song synthesizing technique
that samples human voice.
You can make a song with it if you give it a melody and lyrics.

This is my eldest daughter's favorite.

My original Japanese entry.

Thanks to Brianくん for correcting my English.

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