Manga 3 The Best Way To Spread Your Idea

When I began to create manga by myself, I found out many things.
A manga creator is a scenario writer, a director, a cameraman and a cast of actors.
I create characters and I define the length of the stories.
I decide what they say, how to show it, and from what angle.
I can make people laugh or think something if I manage to create my manga well.

Manga is one of the best ways to express your ideas.
Manga can represent anything like fantasy, human love, tragedy, sports, science fiction, and of course, comedy.
Great manga can fascinate you and make you forget yourself.
Generally, people don't like to be lectured or preached to.
If you would like to spread your ideas to many people, manga or popular music is the best way, I guess.
Your ideas will permeate their minds when they are enjoying the entertainment that you made.

When Tezuka Osamu started his manga, most Japanese people thought manga was for only children.
Parents hated for their children to read manga, but Tezuka's manga was overpoweringly attractive.
He wrote life, love, and hope in this highly portable art form.
Children adored his manga and shared their books secretly.
The children grew up and now they are over forty years old.
Japanese people over fifty years old don't have a habit of reading manga, but those under fifty love it.

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