The Reason Why Japanese People Love Manga 1

A few days ago, I tried to explain why the Japanese people love manga so much to a friend from Israel, but I couldn't.
I hope I can today because I have a dictionary and I can do some online research.

There was a manga genius in Japan called Tezuka Osamu.
He lived from 1928 to 1989.
Before he came along, manga with long stories hadn't existed in Japan.
He invented the long story style of manga, which replaced four-frame comics.
He developed a method that was more suitable for longer stories.

And of course, he drew very well.
Drawing was not his only talent.
He was able to create great dramas that impressed people, too.
People were exited his manga and some of his more enthusiastic fans started to make manga like he did.
Those new cartoonists attracted new fans.
So now, many manga creators are born in Japan every year.

To be continued...

Thanks to Scott, Jessha and Hien for correction my English.

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