The Reason Why Japanese People Love Manga 2

The literacy rate has been high in Japan since ancient times.
Hundreds of collections of poems, essays and history books were born between the sixth and the fifteenth century in Japan.

Vasilii Golovnin from Russia and 申 淑舟 from Korea said, "Every Japanese is literate regardless of sex or class," when they visited Edo (old Tokyo).
One scholar said the literacy rate was 80% in Edo city in the Edo period (1603-1868).
I don't know why many Japanese people could read, it might be because of the political stability at the time.

It has been said, "Man shall not live by bread alone," which means that we must not feed only our bodies but also our minds.
Furthermore in time of peace narrative is even more important.

Reading is one of the easiest amusements, it is inexpensive and you can enjoy it everywhere.
If a book has pictures, it must be more popular.
Along with the development of printing technique in the Edo period, people could obtain books having pictures.

This is my opinion on the origins of why Japanese people love manga so much.
The topic is to be continued.

Thanks to charlesseymoure, MNKMNK and mishels for correcting my English.

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