Life Is Like Noodle

While visiting my parents with my daughters,
we went to a noodle shop to have dinner.

Although it was a bad behavior,
my youngest daughter used her hands
to move her noodles to another bowl.

She completely divided her bowl into noodles and soup.
She looked so satisfied with what she had done.

However, her granny didn't like it,
"Oh, dear! Eat them together."

If it had been my eldest daughter,
she would have been embarrassed and would have apologized.
On the other hand, my youngest daughter doesn't listen to anybody.

She said, "It's OK!

This is my life!"

I agreed with her but she went a little overboard, didn't she?

My original Japanese entry, "うどんの人生".

Thanks to nougat and Hien for correcting my English.

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