The Thinker

This is "The Thinker (Le Penseur)" by Rodin.

One day, my eldest daughter was thinking hard something.

She said to herself, "Komatsuna... It's a vegetable.
Maybe Komatsumi is right.
No, that's not it.

I had no idea what she was trying to say.

"What are you think of?", I asked.

"Oh, I got it!", she said,
"It's komemami."

"Komekami" means "forehead or temple" in Japanese.
She was trying to think of the word for the part
of her head her finger was on.

She is eleven years old now.
I'm so worrying about her carefree attitude.
I pray for her never to meet sad or dangerous things.

My original Japanese entry, "考えるponちゃん".

Thanks to nougat and mishels for correcting my English.

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